Tired Car Birthday Hashtags Seagull

The title of this post is a merging of the topics on my mind right now.

I just remembered that I have a Vine account. Seven seconds is nothing, yet can be an eternity.

Also, Coco IS TWO YEARS OLD TODAY! As in right now. This instant. It’s amazing how much she’s been talking over the last couple of weeks. She tells me little stories and we laugh at a lot. She’s my light and I love seeing her blossom!

I’ve been feeling tired nearly all of the time, due to my schedule. I might be able to cut back on some stuff soon, but I need to make it for about another six months. Wish me luck.

I don’t think that I’ve ever owned a car that has such low miles. You either pay as you go or pay when something catastrophic happens. I’m thankful that I haven’t been on the side of the road anywhere for a long time. (My 1983 first Jetta, nicknamed Satan, I’m talking to YOU!)

Low mileage

Low mileage

One of my superpowers does NOT include having the patience to put together IKEA furniture, but this face was entirely worth it.

Coco and her new table

Coco and her new table

People I know have been moving, and have been choosing to move to New Orleans more often than not. I almost did the same thing once upon a time, pre-Katrina. It’s a bittersweet place for me and by that I mean that it reminds me of an alternate existence that I could have had, had I taken a leap of faith.

I had some beautiful yet sinister experiences while I was there.

Now that I found out through the grapevine that another friend is moving there, I think that would be a great impetus to give it another chance. For a visit or little vacation, for sure.

People like to complain about #hashtags that are used on the net, but you know what? You can find a lot of interesting stuff based on what people tag and can make new virtual friends in the process. Specifically I’m talking about Instagram and the #vintagemotorcycle hashtag as well as randomness on Twitter.

I’ve found some great accounts on Instagram that have nice pics of old bikes and amazing custom work. I recently revisited all of the bike pics that I’ve taken throughout the years and added the appropriate hashtags. #donthate

I’m running out of classes to take and don’t have a viable plan to tackle my Bachelor’s Degree situation.

My own birthday is coming up and I’m going through a little hair identity crisis. It’s taken so long to get it to look “normal” (whatever that is) but I don’t feel respectable nor interesting with this hair at the moment. SO. TEMPTED. TO. THROW. LEFTOVERS in it. I’ve still got some blue spectrum randomness in my stash drawers and it doesn’t help that Coco likes to look at them and say, “hair, hair” over and over. Although her version of saying hair kind of sounds like ear.

Edited to add: my friend and former co-worker Jody said the following on Facebook: “teal, where did the L go?”

Hair identity crisis

Hair identity crisis

That pretty much sums it up but I worry about my “hire-ability in the Silicon Valley” if I look “alternative” in any way. What do us creatives do?

Here’s a very good video that I had to watch for school and it’s James Bach. Besides being one of the world’s foremost experts on Software Quality Assurance and Testing, he happens to be the son of Richard Bach, who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull” title=”Jonathan Livingston Seagull” target=”_blank”>Jonathan Livingston Seagull and other neat books.

When I had mentioned in my last post that I don’t think that software testing is brain surgery, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. It’s a field that can be very challenging but it can be tackled by people like me, and that’s what I meant the first time around.

I think of people that I used to know when I lived in Seattle and how self-important they would act about their job, as if it was some kind of sacred mystery. I am reminded of something that I heard in my meditation class. Elitist first world problems, as in “you wouldn’t understand my suffering.” Explains some people to a T.

This was posted elsewhere by my stylist, Nicole, and it’s about moving to San Francisco. I laughed.

Don’t miss this Smiths tribute!!

Smiths tribute

Have a nice everything,

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The Past and The Future

So I am looking for work once again. Preferably a part or full-time, well paying job in Silicon Valley. Yeah.

Source: quotediary.me via Lisa on Pinterest

This week has been filled with the past for me.

My dad sent me two giant boxes that I’ve been going through, albeit very gingerly. There are so many pictures of the family that I remember and SO MANY that I haven’t ever seen before.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I’ve got to get a good scanner because there are hundreds of these gems. Plus, I’ve been reconnecting with old friends in some of the pictures (on Facebook).

Snippets from here and there:

RIP Sahara Davenport of RuPaul’s Drag Race. (People)

Hello, stranger on the street. (McSweeney’s)

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.

School is very challenging this semester, especially my Music class. Fun, but tough stuff. I’m taking Personal Health, Music, Sociology, and Women in Art. I’m running out of classes to take online and am still waiting to regain my California residency.

Went to the Cindy Sherman exhibit at SF Moma over the weekend. Great stuff.

I’ve decided to really make this site about what I want to share with my daughter. Memories are a tricky thing, but if things are documented like on her website, I think it’s somehow easier.

Today I’m going to the Face and Body Northern California convention. It’s been awhile since I’ve schmoozed and besides, I want to make some more connections and also learn about new technology. If I can get some good discounts while I’m there, more power to me as well.

Anthropologie, Cycle Gear, and now Target have thrown their hats into the ring as far as jobs go and I’m proceeding accordingly. I honestly think that the job at Cycle Gear is the best fit. I’ll have more thoughts on the whole job process very soon.

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Link Love 8.24.12

It’s been a slightly rough week since Coco Simone has had to deal with another bout of the croup.

It’s also been a little challenging since her daycare has been on a vacation (paid!) for the entire week. Combine this with needing to study for finals and working at the brick and mortar job and falling behind with one of my virtual clients and my head asplode. Fortunately, the Coco has been in a great mood.

That said, I’ve got some links for you this week.

The 5 Most Underused WordPress Features (Blogging Pro)

How to Sell Affiliate Products on Pinterest (ProBlogger)

9 Sites to Save you Big on College Textbooks (Mashable)

I’ve got two classes left this semester out of four. I already got two A’s in the other classes. I wish that I could say that there is a clear path for when I’m done with community college, but I’m not so sure. There are still classes that I need to take in person and then I need to figure out where to transfer to.

I’m craving either El Pollo Loco or Rubio’s! It’s never too early for Mexican food in my opinion.

Speaking of food, I was excited to use the Crock Pot not once, but twice this week. Lentil soup galore and I improvised with the recipe and it ended up being very, very tasty.

This is what’s been going on with the hairdo as of late and I’m excited to change it up next week at Nicole’s new salon, Tetrachromat Studio. My hair is SO DARK that I seriously am laughing that I used to actually dye it blue-black for many years. I’ll have to dig up some photos and show you.

I miss my friends that I’ve lost to Burning Man. Life is so different when you have an infant-toddler person and it makes me sad that people are drifting away. Oh well, onward and upward, and there’s no time to feel sorry for oneself.

Something else happened the other day. I had a very interesting job interview for an exciting position. Although I don’t have any formal fabrication experience, I got to meet some nice and very smart people. Connections are connections and who knows what might become of the future?


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