Weeks in Recap 8.30.13

How did it get to be September (almost)??

It’s been forever and a day since I’ve properly updated here. Miss Coco is napping right now and it’s almost unbearably hot, even with the air and fans on!

Major news: next Thursday I start my new job at the Drybar. It’s going to be an interesting change of pace from the blue collar-ness of Cycle Gear. Understatement of the year, perhaps?

Light fixture made of hairdryers

Light fixture made of hairdryers

It’s been so long since I’ve worked in the beauty industry that I know I’ll need to step up my game. My original plan was to finish software testing school and then quit working at Cycle Gear, but plans have changed slightly. I need more time to work on my automation testing with Selenium, Java and more. It’s intimidating as well!

A great resource that I’ve been using for Java is this one: LINK REMOVED BY REQUEST on November 26, 2013 at 6:03pm.

Something that I think of often is that I wish that I’d paid more attention to programming in the past. Why did I wait so long to immerse myself in the tech field? Better late than never, as the saying goes.

Cycle Gear was a great experience overall, but I needed a better work-life balance and room for advancement. It’s a great “foot in the door” in the motorcycle industry though and I would do it all over again.



These are some pics that I took of a katydid. It’s part of the species tettigoniidae and is also known as a bush-cricket! I’d never seen one before and to me, it just looked like a leaf with legs! Go figure.

Sliding around with Coco!

Sliding around with Coco!

It’s constantly laughs with this one! This is us pretending to go down the slide while we were actually lying down, with Coco wiggling on me. I love being a mom and she’s a great kid.

How do you spell "googly" eyes?

How do you spell “googly” eyes?

Today is the birthday of someone great, one of my longest friendships, a friend that I made when I was a tween! I think of her often even though we’re miles away. We have the kind of relationship where we don’t have to talk but once or twice a year and then we pick up where we left off. It’s understood, you know?

Speaking of 1988, here’s a before and after of sorts. The pic on the left is from a quarter century ago (damn, I’m old?) and the right is a recent pic that I’ve been using for profile pics.

1988 vs. 2013, a quarter of a century later.

1988 vs. 2013, a quarter of a century later.

Although the truth of the matter is that most days I look like a cross between these two pictures.

First pic was taken at the optometrist’s yesterday. One of my eyes is better and one of them is worse, but either way I WAS CORRECT in that my current prescription was WRONG. I kept getting headaches every so often because I thought my glasses were too strong.

Prada at the Optometrist's

Prada at the Optometrist’s

Why do I always like the most expensive eyeglasses? Seems to be a curse.

Second pic was taken right now with Photo Booth and I’ve got a dewy complexion courtesy of the heat and a wonderful product by Tarte, their Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen. The coverage is terrific, evens you out without sitting on top of the skin or streaking. No irritation or breakouts so far, either. Hooray! Perhaps I’ll post a review over at Put on a Little Makeup. (I feel sad that I haven’t updated that site in over a year.)

Photo on 2013-08-30 at 16.31 #4

Photo on 2013-08-30 at 16.31

I did the Pantone Foundation Finder thing and came up as a 3Y07. I’m not exactly light but I’ve never been exactly medium either and my oily/combo skin loves to oxidize most face makeup that I apply. This product is the best tinted moisturizer that I’ve found, hands down and I’ll have to buy some once my sample runs out!

So my new work has a dress code but the deal is that you can only wear the following colors: black, gray, white, denim, and/or yellow. I love yellow but don’t have really any of it in my wardrobe. I’ve been doing the Pinterest thing and have been perusing the site for ideas. These are two promising pictures that I found.

Dress Code #1

Dress Code #1

Dress Code #2

Dress Code #2

My major hurdle is in finding STYLISH shoes that I can work in comfortably. My feet are destroyed and there’s no sexy time heels for me on a regular basis. It’s out of the question. Please don’t suggest Danskos. I’ve never found them to be comfortable, ever.

What’s a girl to do!? Happy Labor Day weekend, by the way. I’ll be laboring it up at Cycle Gear on the actual holiday, which means time a half. Cool.

See you on the flipside,

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Tired Car Birthday Hashtags Seagull

The title of this post is a merging of the topics on my mind right now.

I just remembered that I have a Vine account. Seven seconds is nothing, yet can be an eternity.

Also, Coco IS TWO YEARS OLD TODAY! As in right now. This instant. It’s amazing how much she’s been talking over the last couple of weeks. She tells me little stories and we laugh at a lot. She’s my light and I love seeing her blossom!

I’ve been feeling tired nearly all of the time, due to my schedule. I might be able to cut back on some stuff soon, but I need to make it for about another six months. Wish me luck.

I don’t think that I’ve ever owned a car that has such low miles. You either pay as you go or pay when something catastrophic happens. I’m thankful that I haven’t been on the side of the road anywhere for a long time. (My 1983 first Jetta, nicknamed Satan, I’m talking to YOU!)

Low mileage

Low mileage

One of my superpowers does NOT include having the patience to put together IKEA furniture, but this face was entirely worth it.

Coco and her new table

Coco and her new table

People I know have been moving, and have been choosing to move to New Orleans more often than not. I almost did the same thing once upon a time, pre-Katrina. It’s a bittersweet place for me and by that I mean that it reminds me of an alternate existence that I could have had, had I taken a leap of faith.

I had some beautiful yet sinister experiences while I was there.

Now that I found out through the grapevine that another friend is moving there, I think that would be a great impetus to give it another chance. For a visit or little vacation, for sure.

People like to complain about #hashtags that are used on the net, but you know what? You can find a lot of interesting stuff based on what people tag and can make new virtual friends in the process. Specifically I’m talking about Instagram and the #vintagemotorcycle hashtag as well as randomness on Twitter.

I’ve found some great accounts on Instagram that have nice pics of old bikes and amazing custom work. I recently revisited all of the bike pics that I’ve taken throughout the years and added the appropriate hashtags. #donthate

I’m running out of classes to take and don’t have a viable plan to tackle my Bachelor’s Degree situation.

My own birthday is coming up and I’m going through a little hair identity crisis. It’s taken so long to get it to look “normal” (whatever that is) but I don’t feel respectable nor interesting with this hair at the moment. SO. TEMPTED. TO. THROW. LEFTOVERS in it. I’ve still got some blue spectrum randomness in my stash drawers and it doesn’t help that Coco likes to look at them and say, “hair, hair” over and over. Although her version of saying hair kind of sounds like ear.

Edited to add: my friend and former co-worker Jody said the following on Facebook: “teal, where did the L go?”

Hair identity crisis

Hair identity crisis

That pretty much sums it up but I worry about my “hire-ability in the Silicon Valley” if I look “alternative” in any way. What do us creatives do?

Here’s a very good video that I had to watch for school and it’s James Bach. Besides being one of the world’s foremost experts on Software Quality Assurance and Testing, he happens to be the son of Richard Bach, who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull” title=”Jonathan Livingston Seagull” target=”_blank”>Jonathan Livingston Seagull and other neat books.

When I had mentioned in my last post that I don’t think that software testing is brain surgery, I didn’t mean to offend anyone. It’s a field that can be very challenging but it can be tackled by people like me, and that’s what I meant the first time around.

I think of people that I used to know when I lived in Seattle and how self-important they would act about their job, as if it was some kind of sacred mystery. I am reminded of something that I heard in my meditation class. Elitist first world problems, as in “you wouldn’t understand my suffering.” Explains some people to a T.

This was posted elsewhere by my stylist, Nicole, and it’s about moving to San Francisco. I laughed.

Don’t miss this Smiths tribute!!

Smiths tribute

Have a nice everything,

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Weeks in Recap 4.3.13

Also known as “the sickness.”

Where do I start?  I’ve been feeling pretty sick, since Tuesday, March 19th (I had to look it up on my calendar).  That was also the day that I went to see Nicole, my hairstylist, so that’s how I remember. When I got home, hair looking great, I realized that I had an intense headache. Ibuprofen and rest and I’d be fine, right?

Wrong. This has been the strangest illness that I’ve ever had.  By the end of Wednesday, I thought that I might have to go to the emergency room. Intense fever, aches and pains so bad that I couldn’t move for several hours, and gastrointestinal distress.  Due to a combination of ibuprofen and intense meditation, my temperature went down. Over the next few days after that, the fever would come and go, and then I lost my voice entirely. Did I mention that my throat has been so sore that it has felt like I’ve been swallowing razor blades nearly this entire time?

Don’t forget about the constant cough, aka “ashooooo, mama” (thanks, Coco!). She’s hilarious and can say her alphabet now. Not even 2 yet!

So the strep test eliminated strep throat as a cause and the doctor just said “the flu”. How ambiguous. No one else in my vicinity has been afflicted with this and I think that I’ll go back to the doctor for a second opinion and maybe ask for some blood work to be done?

This was taken on day three. I couldn’t talk, but see, my hair really does look great:

Day three of the illness. Thank goodness my hair looks nice.

Day three of the illness. Thank goodness my hair looks nice.

School started on Monday and I’ve got two classes this semester at PCC. Online. The first is PSY236, Adult Development and Aging. My second class was to originally be Math 65 (don’t hate), but two in-person exams were required, and I couldn’t manage either.

I picked up a Computer Science class, CS133U, which is C Programming. It’s the next class after CS160, Intro to Computer Science. I got a B in that class not that long ago and hopefully can continue the trend.

Hello world! I’m trying to program in C with Xcode and DevC++, but I find DevC++ easier to use?

A Hello World! moment

A Hello World! moment

I threw some pink into my hair and it’s good to be out of my comfort zone, albeit temporarily. It still looks more red than pink and I’m still ambivalent to negative about reds on me. I do miss my mermaid colored hair.

It's going to wash out.

It’s going to wash out.

So I’ve finished another book that I can highly recommend if you are curious about a lot of history of tech in the Silicon Valley and the world. The book is called Googled: The End of the World As We Know It.

This book gives you everything that you always wanted to know about Google as well. You’ll also be introduced to the term “Googzilla” as well, which made me laugh but I could see the point of the term. When anyone or anything is successful an entity as Google, there will be detractors and also curious bystanders.

Here’s an Arai helmet from 1971. It’s the X-7 model and someone left it at my work as they had purchased a new one.

Arai X-7 helmet from 1971.

Arai X-7 helmet from 1971.

Speaking of helmets, I think that I’m going to do a “How to Fit Yourself for a Motorcycle Helmet” post on here. There’s so much that I’ve been learning on the job about it and I’m in the market for a new one myself.

I’ve been meaning to do a series of “how to’s” for this site and haven’t been feeling like doing much of anything since being sick, honestly. The energy comes and goes and I’m doing my best not to speculate too much on WebMD!

I’m not really supposed to talk about the specifics, but I’ve been doing a study for Stanford School of Medicine at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education. I’m in the middle of a 9 week study about compassionate meditation and I think that it’s been going well.

Meditation certainly helps to calm and clear the mind and in many instances for me lately, my emotions. I highly recommend meditation and I never thought that my ADHD self would ever be able to do it for longer than a few minutes. Like programming, it helps to practice, no?


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Week in Recap 1.25.13

This week was filled with school, work, and shopping. Oh, and the sky was all purple.

After taking the lovely route on the 280 freeway the other day, I ended up taking the exit that dropped me off right near Hillsdale Shopping Center.

Oh, the mall. I wanted to go to H&M and check out some stuff for the always thriving (and getting taller) Colette. She’s bigger than the sizes in the 18 month range but isn’t quite there for some of the 24 month items.

This is her hot sauce and cookie face. I don’t like anything too spicy nor do I like sour cream, so I know where she gets it from!

Coco loves her salsa

Coco loves her salsa

Coco is obsessed with owls lately and I found her an outfit at H&M. I meandered into the clearance section at H&M, I found goodies galore. Allow me to introduce you to a piece from the Margiela collection. For a paltry $10 (!), I acquired this “lining dress”.

Margiela for H&M

Margiela for H&M

It’s not my usual color at all and it’s a bit big on me. However, I see some distinct possibilities with a dress clip 90′s style and maybe these wedges.

All of the accessories were half off and I got these eggplant faux suede wedges for $10!

H&M Eggplant Wedges

H&M Eggplant Wedges

I’ve been beyond obsessed with faux fur for my entire life and this bag fits the bill perfectly. A steal at only $7.50!

H&M Faux Fur Purse

H&M Faux Fur Purse

This skirt reminded me of Lip Service and the Fly Girls from In Living Color at the same time. Very form fitting and a mere $7!

Shiny skirt

Shiny skirt

What would winter be like without a furry winter hat, also known as a Ushanka in some parts. It kind of matches the wedges.

Faux fur Ushanka

Faux fur Ushanka

Lastly, there were experiments with hair chalk. I miss my “alternative” hair color so much and never really ventured into the rose colored side of things. I rather like it, but will have to see if it can be pulled off long-term.

Pink hair chalk

Pink hair chalk

1/3 of our household has been hit with the flu. Coco had her shot last year and we got our shots last Friday. Hmm. I’m still skeptical about them, but it apparently takes 2 weeks to reach full immunity. Now I’ve got a headache and feel a little out of it.

What are you up to lately?

The show must go on,

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I’m glad that 2012 is getting further away. So it’s January 14th and I’ve been very busy and this site has a new look that I’m thrilled to share with you!

Major news is that I’ve been at Cycle Gear for a little over two months. It’s going very well and I know that I enjoy it a lot.

The clock is ticking as I am registered to take my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course at an unnamed date in the future! Here’s a video from their YouTube channel.

I went to Los Angeles with Colette for a few days and we returned last last Sunday. I really missed the old hometown and it was so great to catch up with some old friends. Even though I didn’t get to see everyone that I would have liked to. No Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA for me, but oh well. The exhibit goes until June 30th so maybe that could be a birthday present for me?

I tried to document my outfits during this vacation and the following pics go in order from each day.

Day one found me feeling chilly in Forever 21 skinny jeans, plain black tank top with a lace bow, Merona black cardigan over that with Skaist Taylor (Target x Neiman Marcus collection) faux fur vest over the cardigan. I initially perused that Target collab thinking that most of it was kind of tacky but I changed my mind when I put on the vest and saw the versatility of the faux fur.

Here are some pictures:

Day 1 outfit






What can I say? These are just a small excerpt from the trip but those of you that follow me on Instagram and elsewhere will probably have already seen these and more.

2013 is full of surprises and I look forward to them. I won’t be as much of a stranger around here and will make time between school and the rest. Writing is something that I’ll be focusing on more. Now that things look better around here, it will be easier to check in more.


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Spin to Win

I’m sitting here in this void of time that’s in between work and other duties.

I work at 11:45am today (ugh), but have a moment to type some thoughts about my day so far. I should be doing some other stuff, but I’ve decided that this website is really for Coco. If the other three people that read this enjoy it as well, then that’s cool too.

The title of this post, Spin to Win, shouldn’t be confused with my other entry called “Spin It“. I just got back from my first spin class in a long time. It’s called “The Ride” at Crunch, but the idea is similar.

Where do I start with this class? Due to a combination of genetics and tenacity, I’m maintaining my pre-pregnancy weight and am trying to get in better shape in the process. My routine as of late is a combination of Pilates, Tracy Anderson, Zumba, and now, Spinning. I’ll never forget the first time that I attended a spinning class. It was with my ex, K., and it was kind of funny because he had to get off the bike in the middle of the class and go and throw up! I’ll attribute my longevity on the bike to my child-bearing hips, so there.

Back to today, all I can say that it was a musical smorgasbord or perhaps spam buffet? I’ve got mixed feelings on my musical experience. With the group classes that I take, the fitness instructor has an equal obligation as a dj, in my humble opinion. I wish that there was simply technology that made it possible to stream the music to all of my musical friends so that they could have weighed in. It could be like a Minority Report with future musical choices being vetoed. Maybe muscles and cardiovascular training respond better to different music? Must. Investigate.

Just to mimic a mommy blog and also give the impression that I am a suburban mom, here’s this random video of Coco from the other day. She’s growing and growing, so there’s that. This, I mean.

In the Crunch parking lot, the semi-sporty VW with the carseat in the back pretty much gives it away that I might be a suburban mom? One with Public Enemy blaring in the CD player? It takes a nation of millions…

Ok, back to the workout. We started our warmup with live Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, which was fine until she messed with the volume and pitch shifter. This made it difficult to hear her and her headset was so close to her head that she sounded like she was speaking through an answering machine, underwater. There was very minimal instruction and I did my best to observe her movements closely.

Musically, we were bombarded with 2 Unlimited, Bill Withers, and random erratic Motown. There was also some early 90′s Happy Hardcore and it was difficult to peg her musical tastes from the way that she looked. Don’t judge the book, right? She appeared to be in her early thirties with an exotic Persian princess look. I tried to envision her on Ecstasy in a happy hardcore room, but had some trouble doing so. Maybe she’s an Electric Daisy Carnival tourist or just purchases those “Now That’s What I Call Questionable Music” compilations? Who knows.

Marvin Gaye said it best in the class when “What’s Going On?” suddenly blared loudly through the speakers. The tweeters sounded really sick in that old and tired Cerwin Vega! way and not in that SIIIIIIIICK, BRO kind of way. I wish I had ear plugs like the perimenopausal woman 20 feet to my left.

As for the crowd, it was a mix but I do think that I was the youngest one there. In all of my group classes, I have at least one geriatric gentleman in ok shape that works out near me.

Another note is that the instructor did a good job in maintaining the air conditioning and ventilation levels in the class, which I appreciated.

What was up with the fitness tourists? Our class nearly doubled in size when these people came in midway through the class, which is a no-no in my book. So rude and just plain weird. They were all women and they halfheartedly attempted to do the sprints and stand up on the bike and kept staring at their purchased in the late 90′s Juicy Couture velour sweatpants in the mirror. It was quite a visual and I did my best to not be distracted and focus on my own workout. I made it without throwing up and I kept proper form 90% of the time and now I feel good. Ok, I should avoid judgment on the women that appeared midway in the class. At least they’re there, right?

It was a choice between sleep or this class, though, and I think that I chose wisely? The 16 oz. of iced coffee might have helped me in the workout department as well.

Ok, time to get ready for work. Shorter day today, which is good for everyone involved. I’ve got the next couple of days off and I’d better plan them wisely.

Also, what’s up with the child hatred? Thank goodness for Scary Mommy. She articulates what I cannot sometimes.

Spin it to win it,

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