Wear It #4

I haven’t done a “what I wore” type of post in a long time. Looking back at previous posts here, I realize that this might be only the third of its type on this site.

This pic was taken on Saturday and I’m not sure what to call the look. Perhaps the Bay Area is having its influence on me!

Wear It #4

Sweater, Forever 21 clearance section
Dress, Forever 21 by way of Goodwill
Shoes, Chelsea Crew ‘Malibu’ (similar in Mustard here)
Socks, a nice thin wool blend that I wish I had more pairs of
Glasses, the Thatcher (in Whiskey Tortoise) from Warby Parker
Headband, unknown
MAC lipstick in Hang-up

Since I work in a blue collar-y shop-like environment most of the time, I seem to overdress whenever I have a day off these days.

You should see the condition of some of my work clothes. Battery acid can eat holes in your sweaters and jeans, which is why you won’t find me wearing any of my fancy stuff there. Most work days find me in inexpensive and/or old jeans, random old Threadless shirts, wearing Doc Martens, Adidas, or inexpensive boots on my feet. Comfy and pricey insoles are a definite must!

I need to stop looking at hair pics from 2009-2010, for sure. Otherwise, I will be forced to go back to this, which I miss so much.

Teal hairs

It’s totally ok to go the grocery store in your Batman pajamas, wearing a faux fur stole and yellow headband from H&M. Skull shoes from Target.



Her birthday weekend shenanigans were delightful and fun and I can’t wait until next year.

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I’m glad that 2012 is getting further away. So it’s January 14th and I’ve been very busy and this site has a new look that I’m thrilled to share with you!

Major news is that I’ve been at Cycle Gear for a little over two months. It’s going very well and I know that I enjoy it a lot.

The clock is ticking as I am registered to take my Motorcycle Safety Foundation course at an unnamed date in the future! Here’s a video from their YouTube channel.

I went to Los Angeles with Colette for a few days and we returned last last Sunday. I really missed the old hometown and it was so great to catch up with some old friends. Even though I didn’t get to see everyone that I would have liked to. No Kubrick exhibit at the LACMA for me, but oh well. The exhibit goes until June 30th so maybe that could be a birthday present for me?

I tried to document my outfits during this vacation and the following pics go in order from each day.

Day one found me feeling chilly in Forever 21 skinny jeans, plain black tank top with a lace bow, Merona black cardigan over that with Skaist Taylor (Target x Neiman Marcus collection) faux fur vest over the cardigan. I initially perused that Target collab thinking that most of it was kind of tacky but I changed my mind when I put on the vest and saw the versatility of the faux fur.

Here are some pictures:

Day 1 outfit






What can I say? These are just a small excerpt from the trip but those of you that follow me on Instagram and elsewhere will probably have already seen these and more.

2013 is full of surprises and I look forward to them. I won’t be as much of a stranger around here and will make time between school and the rest. Writing is something that I’ll be focusing on more. Now that things look better around here, it will be easier to check in more.


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It’s not really a secret that I believe that you can transform yourself through your appearance.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that I’ve tried a lot of things, both personally and professionally to “hack” my appearance. Many of the experiments would be ill-advised right now. Like dyeing my hair and then using relaxer on my bangs. It should have melted my hair, but no. Don’t try that at home, Coco, and other kids.

It all starts with you, like everything else. Who’s to tell you what you should look like? That’s a loaded question for sure, but I think that it’s perfectly harmless to do your own thing. What if you want to have mint and caramel hair?

That’s what happened last week at my stylist Nicole’s new salon, Tetrachromat. In Oakland. She’s got a brand new space that I love and we spent an entire day together on this transformation. Here’s the before and after, taken by Nicole.

Before and After Transformations

You see, the freakiest thing is that I’ve gotten so dark through the years. See the before? I used to dye my hair blue-black primarily so it would be glossy and dark like my demeanor, haha. However, it took a turn to the really dark side around my pregnancy, I think. Which is fine, but then I decided that it was too dark. I wanted to try something very new. I needed a change. Now if only employment and school stuff would follow suit.

After having dyed it in the blue-teal-peacock-purpley range since 2008 in the days of Ulta, I began to grow it out by default last year. Let’s just say that it was too high maintenance to continue to do myself and with help at home. Baby takes precedence above all things and I vowed that I would not do my own hair again, save maybe for the erratic at home bang trim.

I love my new hair so much and wish wish wish that I had done this before. Now that I have the amazing resource to do so (it’s not cheap, but it’s not as astronomical as you might think, either), I’m going to see where this colour takes me. It’s TIGI for reference and I love all of their products that I’ve used so far.

Between this hair and seeing Moonrise Kingdom, which is one of my top 10 movies ever, I think that I do need a style shakeup. The character of Suzy Bishop is only 12 and it’s a Wes Anderson movie, but I think that you can and should take style inspiration from everywhere. AND THEN MAKE IT YOUR OWN, of course. That said, Peter Pan collars and knee high socks forever, right? She also reminds me of Margot Tenenbaum in eyeliner and demeanor. (Gwyneth’s best look, in my humble opinion.)

Suzy Bishop Moonrise Kingdom

This new dress was procured at Le Target in the clearance section for a pittance and I think it works very well.

Target polka dot dress

Here’s a pic of a dress that I actually fit into again. It’s plaid, dark blue and green, and was procured at Crossroads in Upper Sunset, SF. Yeah, yeah, creepy bathroom shot. Whatevs.

Target dress

On a side note, I’m sitting here a little exasperated as I need to take my last final of the semester, but can’t. The online system for PCC is totally down today and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to take it, which is a load of bull. Ah, first world problems, eh? Boooooo!!

Next semester should be interesting as I have registered for 18 units. Crazy, sure. Doable, maybe. Likely that I will drop a class, but we’ll see.

Stuff and things,

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