Who is Lisa Bronwyn??

Originally from Los Angeles, ¬†I’ve lived in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland and have been in the Bay Area since 2011.

I believe that everyone should have the abilities to drive stick, ride a motorcycle, put on false eyelashes, and be able to launch (as well as fix) their own website. You can do at least three out of four of those, trust me!

I’ve worked with a diverse roster of brands such as Goodwill, Sephora, Ulta, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, Ignite Seattle, Google Express, and Kidizen.

Fast facts are that I don’t know how to swim very well, didn’t really drive until age 21 (not easy growing up in L.A.), and have messed around with computers in some manner since the 80’s. There were various electronics, computers, and video game consoles that I convinced my dad to buy while we were thrifting.


Pagemaker was available on the Macintosh Plus at the Anthony R. Hamilton Educational Technology Center at Culver City High School. See, those primitive school “newspapers” weren’t going to design themselves. All the hours in the computer lab changed me.

Later on, I assumed that I was masochistic in trying to figure out why Dreamweaver v4 was giving me code that didn’t look right. Should have just hand-coded everything back then. My confession is that I readily abused the marquee tool in chat applets!

However, my dabbling, well, it’s not enough. Although I didn’t have a strong mathematical background to speak of, I managed to bypass a prerequisite to an online Intro to Computer Science class several years ago. Initially, I tanked but that turned into actual fun with CeeBot.

I’m not sure that we ever completely grow out of our adolescent selves. This is what I still feel like on the inside, a little awkward but well-intentioned.


I’ve had many websites throughout¬†the years devoted to all of my passions. My thrifting hobby is chronicled at The Art of Resale. Sometimes I pull off some amazing flips, like that time I purchased a pair of shoes for $4.00 and ended up flipping them for $182.50!

To be continued….