Demystifying the Process

Hello world, as they say.

I re-registered my own domain and started working on this site last week. My big announcement is that I’ve been accepted into a 16-week web development boot camp course and am starting Monday, January 25th!

The course will go until mid-May. I am hoping to achieve what’s eluded me as self-taught coder: proficiency in some front end and back end technologies.

There will be many weeks of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails. I’m ok with HTML. CSS is good too, but JS and RoR, hmm.

I’ve taken a couple of coding classes at Portland Community College that focused on objective C. I’ve also dabbled in SQA (Software Quality Assurance). I don’t have a strong background in Mathematics and thought that if I could keep avoiding those tricky math classes that they might disappear.

They didn’t go away. I’m now in the predicament of having 88 units that I can’t transfer because I don’t have enough math!!

Lest I digress any further, my goal with this site is to share what I’m learning with you. I also want to be transparent in my journey.

I’m going back to school for two reasons. Three really. My two little ladies are my everything and I want to provide for them with a good skillset that I can take anywhere. My other motivation is in all of the projects that I want to do myself. What if I want to build an app for my resale business or help friends develop their own WordPress sites?

What if I want to build an app for my resale business or help friends develop their own WordPress sites?

What if I want to help my girls program an Arduino?

For far too long, I’ve felt as if I’m an outsider with web development. I’ve spent many hours of frustration with existing pHp code that I didn’t write. Breaking things, fixing things, and breaking more things on Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art events section, back in the day.

I’ve been discouraged by many people as well.

Lest I become a statistic, I want to achieve greatness. The challenge is real and this is my life. If I can do it, so can you. I want to help the marginalized, the disenfranchised, the ne’er do well’s, and the misfits. Someday I want to sponsor a scholarship for someone to get their big coding break.

So join me on this journey and I look forward to writing more this week about my school and experiences.

I want to break it down for a 4-year-old, for example, someone like my eldest daughter. Byte-sized pieces, little moments of understanding and there.

The time is now.


Queen of Swords, ENTP