Thrift Score #1

This is a new category for my site and I’m posting this year’s first official find.

Thrift score will be a homage to things past, present, and future that I will have acquired in my thrifty travels. See my History page for more info!

So yesterday I was on my way to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping and had to make a u-turn because I’d gone too far. What do I see next? A thrift store that I had no idea existed! It looked appealing enough for me to stop to go in (it was my day off) and I wasn’t disappointed. I found some goodies for the entire family.

After I finished my day, I had to go and pick up Coco and had a few minutes beforehand. I went to another local thrift haunt, where I found this:

Kimchi Blue Lady Bird faux fur coat

Kimchi Blue Lady Bird faux fur coat

This is from Urban Outfitters and still has its tags on it, retailing for $148 originally. What a surprising and totally random find that I didn’t know that I absolutely needed. I got a major deal. Besides, my H&M go to faux fur from two seasons ago is getting tired and needs to rest.

This Kimchi Blue is in new, mint condition and I know that I’ll wear it often.

Thrift scoring is fun,

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