Week in Recap 11.9.12

November 9th and it’s almost the end of a very long week.

My mood is on the upswing because I removed a bunch of negativity from my RSS reader and I couldn’t be more pleased! I’m even tackling my two research papers early (for Women in Art and Sociology). Hooray!

Molly Crabapple illustration

Illustration by Molly Crabapple

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5 Ted Talks that are about lying

I’m considering tablet options and have been curious about the iPad mini. (Gizmodo)

The World of a Professional Naked Girl is a must read. That Molly Crabapple is one smart cookie. (VICE)

Hank the Cat got 6,000 votes in the state of Virginia, where he was running for Senate! Yeah, he was on the ballot and came in third place. Awesome. (The Examiner)

Coconut oil has superpowers, because Dr. Oz said so. It’s also good for your hair and I can attest that it tastes great/is good in high temperatures for cooking. (Dr. Oz, The Beauty Brains)

This is the kind of weather where I want to drink my beloved tea all day and read books for pleasure, not for academia!

Have a lovely weekend,

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